Illinois Concealed Carry Classes


Don’t just know how to shoot, LEARN WHEN TO SHOOT


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“The use of deadly force is the most critical decision that will ever be placed on a person, the consequences of which are irreversible” – Chris Burne, G.S.S.I. President

Taking an concealed carry class for the State of Illinois should be more than just about learning “how” to shoot. Pulling the trigger is a life-changing event. Shouldn’t you be ABSOLUTELY SURE you know when to discharge your weapon?

The Illinois Concealed Carry classes taught by G.S.S.I. are taught by active duty law enforcement officers. Who do you believe is best equipped to teach you when the use of deadly force is necessary. Imagine being put in the position where you draw your weapon, and lives are at stake? Wouldn’t you want to be absolutely sure about what you were doing? Of course you would.

After taking the Illinois Concealed Carry class with G.S.S.I. you’ll know:

  • When you can legally use Deadly Force in the State of Illinois?
  • If Illinois has a “Stand your ground” or a “Castle” Law?
  • Your “Use of Force” rights in defense of persons, dwellings, or property?
  • What to do if you become involved in a deadly force incident?

Our Illinois Concealed Carry Class instructors are law enforcement officers with decades of experience in teaching firearms marksmanship, use of deadly force, and carrying a concealed weapon.

All classes are taught over a single weekend, which includes the 16 hour, 12 hour and 8 hour classes. This allows groups to take the class together, even if they require different hours of training.

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**The Illinois State Police has launched a new website that is specific to Concealed Carry**

Visit the Illinois State Police Concealed Carry Licensing website here


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**If you had prior concealed carry training, please review the list of training courses acceptable to satisfy the prior training requirements for concealed carry classes in Illinois, consistent with Section 75(i) of the Act, and the appropriate credit to be applied for each (i.e., certification from another state, NRA training, etc). The list of acceptable training courses can be viewed at:

 Illinois State Police List of Acceptable Training

To view qualification and training requirements for Illinois Concealed Carry class: CLICK HERE .  To view the Illinois State Police list of FAQ’s CLICK HERE

Class Fees

16 hour course (required course)$300

** 12 hour course (prior training required) - $225 Acceptable prior training courses include: Illinois Hunter Safety Course Utah Concealed Carry Florida Concealed Carry Nevada Concealed Carry Missouri Concealed Carry Kentucky Concealed Carry Michigan Concealed Carry Chicago Firearms Safety Course

** 8 hour course (prior training required) -  $150  Acceptable prior training courses include: NRA Basic Pistol NRA Personal Protection in the Home NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

VETERANS discounted 8 hour course – $100 (must be honorably discharged and provide DD214)

Illinos Concealed Carry Class portion will be held at:

GSSI 920 N. Ridge Avenue Suite A10 Lombard, IL. 60148 (Parking allowed in the front and back)

Live Fire portion of  the Illinois Concealed Carry Class will be held at:

Article II Gun World 250 Cortland Avenue Lombard, IL. 60148

  • Refreshments and snacks provided
  • Rental weapons available if you do not own a firearm ($20 for rental)




Firearm Safety for  Emergency Care Professionals

  • G.S.S.I. offers training for emergency responders and healthcare personnel on encountering and treating patients carrying a concealed firearm.
  • The 4 hour training class covers the concealed carry law, handgun knowledge and safe handling, incorporating a check for weapons into initial evaluations, and distribution and clarification of a new firearm policy.
  • We help develop a policy for emergency responders on encountering patients with firearms and what to do to take custody of the weapon.


Security Services


  • G.S.S.I. is licensed and insured to offer security services.
  • Security services include security consulting, armed guard services, site security, loss prevention, crime prevention, personal protection, and special event security.
  • These services will be unique depending on the specific needs of each client.


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Illinois Concealed Carry

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes

Illinois Concealed Carry Class

Illinois Concealed Carry Class

Illinois Concealed Carry Class

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